finished goods for sale


Yellow English Cottage Pinkeep

This pinkeep is 3.5" wide by 2.5" deep by 4" high.
It is filled with fabric scraps. It has an antique
hat pin and buttons on the roof. 

Yellow English Cottage Pinkeep...$55 plus shipping
Please email me to purchase

Yellow Cottage with Navy Door Pinkeep

This pinkeep is 3.5" wide by 2.5" deep by 4" high.
It is filled with fabric scraps. It has an antique
hat pin and buttons on the roof. 

Yellow Cottage with Navy Door Pinkeep...$55 plus shipping
Please email me to purchase

Log Cabin Cottage Pinkeep #1

This pinkeep is 4" wide by 2" deep by 3.5" high.
It is filled with fabric scraps. It has an antique
hat pin and buttons on the roof. 

Log Cabin Cottage Pinkeep #1...$55 plus shipping
Please email me to purchase


This antique quilt piece was one of my 
favorite finds...names were embroidered in
the smallest stitches I have ever seen.

Each pinkeep is affixed into the antique zinc wide
mouth Ball mason jar lid. The pinkeeps are 3.5" wide.
I have attached 2 green calico strawberries too!

Each pinkeep is $20 plus shipping
Please email me to purchase


I'm happy to bring you my first creation
 of 2021. It's January, you know that month where
 we decide to exercise, clean out and organize. 
Or maybe, you had enough of that last year!

Why not organize in something beautiful!?!

This wool applique of a cabin at night has 
been completely hand stitched.
I added touches of embroidery here and there for interest...
like the wreath on the door and the candles in the windows!

The wooly top has been affixed to the lid of 
the paper mache container.
It has slight padding to give it a dome shape. 
I added the rope trim to the edge for a bold look.
The coordinated fabric is outside and 
inside the container. It has been distressed, 
not necessarily to make it look old but
so it's not brand spankin" new!

The size of this wooly container is 7.75"
 in diameter and 5" tall.

$125 plus shipping and insurance to you.

Please email me to purchase.


~cinn o'mann~

Cinn O'Mann was baked and baked and baked to perfection! 
He is 5" tall and has a rusted wire for a hanger. 
He is heavily coffeed and has a cinnamon crust. 

Cinn O'Mann is $8 plus shipping to you.
I have 10 available.
Please email me to purchase.

~patriotic feed sox with faux greens~
I knew when I saved the stripe from an antique feed 
sack I would have the perfect thing to do with it. 
Ta-da...the Patriotic Feed Sox. This ornament is 6.5" 
to the top of the rusted wire loop hanger. 
There is a sprig of faux dusted rosemary tucked in the top. 
I love the "unstocking" look about it!

Patriotic Feed Sox...$6 plus shipping
I have 3 available. 
Please email me to purchase.

~faith hanging pocket~

Each pocket is different...
the main wool piece, the choice of colors for each design
and the antique ticking used for the backing.

The dimensions of the outside ticking portion is 
9.5" tall by 9" in width.
The ticking is actually 2 sided so the back is all ticking. 
The lined wool pocket is 8" wide by 6.5" tall.
All the wool has been hand stitched and 
embroidery detail has been added to each.
Each have a hanger of antique brown ribbon 
attached with 2 buttons.


FAITH...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase.

LOVE  & HOPE...are spoken for

~victorian scissor keep necklace~

~this is a much needed gift to yourself or for
anyone who sews or does needlework...
keeping those scissors close and handy means
you can stitch more...
this scissor keep was designed with small
scissors in mind...the pair in the photo are
my favorites and are for demonstration purposes only..
the scissor keep has been stained to five it a vintage look..
the cord is generous enough to go around your neck..
if it is too long, it can be knotted to shorten...
sewn on the front is a collection of old buttons...
the interior is fully lined with a coordinating
quilters cotton print to keep the point of your scissors
from coming through the stitching...
the overall length of the keep is 3 1/2"
and the top is 2 1/4" wide.
I have 2 available~

~victorian scissor keep necklace is $35 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~everyday stockings~

I enjoy decorating at the holidays and stockings have
always been a favorite of mine...
I'm creating a line of everyday stockings
to use throughout the year...
they can be used by themselves, have greens tucked
in the top or even use them as the gift bag for
that special person...

Each one is 9 1/2" long and 6" wide...
they have been made of dyed osnaburg and are
fully lined...there is a coordinating 
hanger loop for hanging...

Each stocking is different and have combinations of wool 
felt, wool, decorative stitches or calico appliqués...
only one remaining and it has been discounted at half price.


~violet patch with dimensional flowers and embroidery...
$15 plus shipping~

~please email me to purchase~


~cruddy pineapples~

~it's never too early to think holiday...these cruddy
pineapples would look great in your Christmas tree...
or lining a table...or tucked in pines on the mantle...
the list is endless...they are 7 1/2" tall~

~each cruddy pineapple...$8 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase
3 currently available~



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