finished goods for sale

~prim penny mat~

Created using stained flannel and homespun...
hand stitched to the wonderful antique ticking pillowcase.
The mat is 21" long and 14.5" wide.
I trimmed it in the brown ripped homespun.

PRIM PENNY MAT...$85 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase

~faith and love hanging pocket~

Each pocket is different...
the main wool piece, the choice of colors for each design
and the antique ticking used for the backing.

The dimensions of the outside ticking portion is 
9.5" tall by 9" in width.
The ticking is actually 2 sided so the back is all ticking. 
The lined wool pocket is 8" wide by 6.5" tall.
All the wool has been hand stitched and 
embroidery detail has been added to each.
Each have a hanger of antique brown ribbon 
attached with 2 buttons.


FAITH...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase. spoken for


LOVE...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase.

~antique quilt block pillows~

~I love repurposing with antiques...these were just 
discarded quilt squares that never made it into a
 quilt... the fabric is very old and as you can see,
 discolored in places...the original indigo fabric 
is just wonderful and has kept its true color... 
these quilt squares were hand stitched together... 
I have reinforced them with fusible interfacing on the
 back to preserve the hand work...each one is 7” square, 
backed in new indigo fabric and filled with wool scraps... 
the wool gives them a heavy, lumpy feel...
these would look great tucked on a shelf or in a vignette... 
The indigo print is different on each one so I have labeled
 them #1 and #2~
~antique quilt block pillows...$15 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~antique velvet crazy quilt strawberry emery~

~old quilts are a favorite of mine...
I found a small unfinished hand stitched work 
years ago and knew I would create treasures from it...
the muted colors of the velvet go
 perfectly with the black velvet additions...
all of the pieces were hand sewn together... 
they have been reinforced on the inside...I have taken a 
"before"and "after" shot so you'll be able to 
enjoy the entire piece of velvet and choose your favorite...
the 4" velvet strawberry is filled full with the finest
 emery sandand is capped with a celery green
wool felt and have a brown ribbon on top~

~antique velvet crazy quilt emery...$30 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~


~strawberry & crow pillow tuck~

~petite and quaint is the perfect description for
 this strawberry pillow would be a great gift 
for that strawberry lover or prim lover or crow lover...
you get the idea...the linen was slightly aged to 
darken the look...the hand dyed pom-pom edging 
is the perfect color and the calico on the back 
is a mini floral in the same color family...
the pillow tuck is small measuring 6.5" by 4" 
and is filled with scrap wool clippings...this would
look great tucked on a shelf or in a basket with 
fabric strawberries...the pattern is by Brenda Gervais~

~strawberry & crow pillow tuck...$32 plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~strawberry calico pinkeep~

~in my quest for finding unique items to use 
in my creations, I came across this metal soda 
fountain cone holder in the town of Mayberry (true story)...
what a perfect thing to use as the base for a strawberry 
pinkeep...the strawberry itself has been created 
using quilters calico...the 5 army blanket green
 leaves have been edged with blanket stitching...
 the pinkeep is 8.5" in height...the strawberry alone
 is 4.5" high...this strawberry is completely filled
 with crushed walnut shells and has been 
embellished with a few old buttons, 
a key and 2 black hat pins...pattern creation is my own...
whether you are a strawberry lover or a pincushion 
collector this is a one-of-a-kind treasure for you or 
for your gift giving~

~strawberry pinkeep in silver cone...$25 plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~crimson velvet strawberry emery~

~need to keep your needles sharp...
my cotton velvet strawberry emery should work
for you...the strawberry is sewn from dark red cotton
velvet and has been filled with the finest of emery sands...
it measures 2.5" in length and has a ribbon stem...
the wool cap is hand stitched to the strawberry;
as well as, a few seed beads to finish off the look~

~crimson velvet strawberry emery is $24 plus shipping to you~
please email me to purchase

~victorian scissor keep necklace~

~this is a much needed gift to yourself or for
anyone who sews or does needlework...
keeping those scissors close and handy means
you can stitch more...
this scissor keep was designed with small
scissors in mind...the pair in the photo are
my favorites and are for demonstration purposes only..
the scissor keep has been stained to five it a vintage look..
the cord is generous enough to go around your neck..
if it is too long, it can be knotted to shorten...
sewn on the front is a collection of old buttons...
the interior is fully lined with a coordinating
quilters cotton print to keep the point of your scissors
from coming through the stitching...
the overall length of the keep is 3 1/2"
and the top is 2 1/4" wide.
I have 2 available~

~victorian scissor keep necklace is $35 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~sampler pinkeep~

Funny the things that come to you in the middle of the night...
this is a cross stitch developed by Woodland Primitives...

look closely to get my message...
do you see it???

~the pinkeep is 5 1/4" long and 3 3/4" wide...
the cross stitch is trimmed with homespun...
the back has the same homespun and was
fussy-cut to keep the woven pattern...
it is filled with crushed walnut shells...
my dated label is attached to the back side~

~sampler pinkeep is $28 plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~needle felted acorns~

If you have ever purchased from me...
you received one of these beauties attached to your package.

If you need more...they are available for you to purchase.
Each one is $1.00 and I do have a variety of colors 
of roving to choose from. The acorn caps will vary from 
year to year; however, I do have a large bag of this style.

Just send me an email :)

~everyday stockings~

I enjoy decorating at the holidays and stockings have
always been a favorite of mine...
I'm creating a line of everyday stockings
to use throughout the year...
they can be used by themselves, have greens tucked
in the top or even use them as the gift bag for
that special person...

Each one is 9 1/2" long and 6" wide...
they have been made of dyed osnaburg and are
fully lined...there is a coordinating 
hanger loop for hanging...

Each stocking is different and have combinations of wool 
felt, wool, decorative stitches or calico appliqu├ęs...
only one remaining and it has been discounted at half price.


~violet patch with dimensional flowers and embroidery...
$15 plus shipping~

~please email me to purchase~


~velvet cherries~
~why not add some velvet cherries to your prim
displays...there are 6 cherries in a set...2 different red of the grouping has a green velvet leaf 
attached to the stems...each cherry is approximately 1 1/4"
long and has a stem attached~

~set of prim velvet cherries...
$20 plus shipping~

~currently unavailable~

~strawberry of your dreams~

~for all strawberry lovers out is a very large 
strawberry just for you...the rich dark red of the velvet was
perfect for these strawberries~

~the strawberry is 7" and has a wool cap and stem...
the seeds are french knots that have been sewn at random...
the strawberry is filled with fabric so it is heavy feeling~

~the strawberry of your dreams...$24 plus shipping~
~currently unavailable~

~cruddy pineapples~

~it's never too early to think holiday...these cruddy
pineapples would look great in your Christmas tree...
or lining a table...or tucked in pines on the mantle...
the list is endless...they are 7 1/2" tall~

~each cruddy pineapple...$8 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase
3 currently available~



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