crafty tips

~Crafty Tip #1~

~After you have baked and sanded a prim project...
do you have those ugly poly fibers sticking out of your
Here is my solution to that...get out that long 
handled lighter...expose the flame and get it close to the
fibers...this melts them away. Just be careful...
no scorching of the prim piece or setting it on fire!
It works like magic and sure saves you time...
let me know if this helps you!

~Crafty Tip #2~
~Ever open the oven door and gasp at the very dark items
that you just spent hours creating? Cruddying is not a 
perfect science as you well know. Experimentation is
the best at discovering a new look. BUT, when you just
blackened the latest creation it can be a disaster. Take that
piece to the sink and run it under running cold water until
you get it lighter. If the piece is black and crispy,
oops, you baked it too long. I used this washing technique
with the angel wings on the Granary Tombstone Angel.
After the first baking, I took the wings to the sink and 
washed just the center leaving the edge dark. This gives
a varied look that not everyone takes the time to do.

~Crafty Tip #3~

Want to get a nice round look on a head or foot...after sewing make sure you have clipped the seam allowance, turn right side out and before stuffing...dampen the seam edge. When you are stuffing this will stretch the fabric and give it a more rounded look. Take it from the "perfectionist" this works!
Now, for that prim look...don't do a thing I said :)

~Crafty Tip #4~

Do you want to eliminate the dark spot on the back
of items when you are baking them in the oven?
Picture dipped your finished doll in the 
grunge mixture, laid her on the cookie sheet and 
popped her in the over. You open the door 15 minutes later
to look at her and flip her over and there are dark spots on
the back of her. This happens because the extra grunge
pools there and just darkens that spot. How do you stop this?

  • One way would be to use less grunge...try dry brushing the piece instead of saturating it.
  • Another, and this is MY TIP, place a not ever going to be  used again in the kitchen dish towel under the doll...this absorbs the extra grunge eliminating the pooling. You don't need to leave the doll on the towel the entire time because you are not drying the towel, just the doll.
Try it the next time you DON'T want those spots. But in some cases the spots are part of the charm!

~Crafty Tip #5~

Ever wonder why you cut out or trace certain pattern parts? Body parts are better traced and sewn on the traced line so you get a better curve to the head, neck or body. Unless, you are doing some extreme prim where you should be drawing with your left hand...LOL! When I build inventory or am making several dolls, tracing is much faster and wastes much less fabric. By the way, do you save all your scraps of fabric to stuff with? Don't waste makes for good lumpy dolls! Clothing is generally just cut out with your seam allowance included since these do not have to be exact...
no tailoring here~

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