I must say a lot has transpired since the last
time I posted!!! It was February...
then the world had to hide in their homes.

During that time I created my 
FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE hanging pockets.

Each pocket is different...
the main wool piece, the choice of colors for each design
and the antique ticking used for the backing.

The dimensions of the outside ticking portion is 
9.5" tall by 9" in width.
The ticking is actually 2 sided so the back is all ticking. 
The lined wool pocket is 8" wide by 6.5" tall.
All the wool has been hand stitched and 
embroidery detail has been added to each.
Each have a hanger of antique brown ribbon 
attached with 2 buttons.


FAITH...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase. spoken for


LOVE...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase.

Things here in WV are getting back to a new
normal slowly. Please keep yourselves and
your families safe in this troubling time.

Until next time...

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