Pattern catch up time...

I'm going to catch up a little...
first with the fall patterns that were created this year.

Ms. Becca Black

Ms. Becca Black is a witch cat. She is standing 16" with the base. She has a painted and distressed body, a stained prairie dress and a very tall pointy witch hat. She holds her homemade broom too make of cast-off items. There are directions for completing her base
with paint, stain and a little love. She is perfect for your fall decorating!

Get her on Etsy now...
E-price is  $9


Phoebe the Pumpkin Gal

Phoebe is a perfect size to create, display and sell. She is
13" tall standing on her wooden base. She has a painted
and sanded finish. Her simple dress and really cool apron
give her that great fall look. My pattern details everything you
need to know to create your very own Phoebe.

Get her on Etsy for $9

That's it for the fall ones...

Here's the latest!!!

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