Thinking fall...and needles and pins!

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~acorn emeries~

~ Need a sweet little acorn emery to tuck in your sewing 
basket or give as a gift...these fall calico emeries 
would be just perfect...they are filled with fine 
emery sand used for keeping your needles sharp...
they have real caps that were collected from
 my yard in Pennsylvania...each one is approximately
 2"...please specify by color 
(orange, brown or mustard)~

~find them in the "new" and "pinkeep" section~

~folksy crows~

~most of you who know my work know that I love creating
birds...I made these several years ago and decided to 
bring them back for this fall~
~find these folksy crows in the "new" 
and "decor" sections~

~fat hen pincushions~

 ~2 great pin cushions attached to 
linen and calico nests...
attached to an antique wooden spool...
complete with old thread spools
and pins...
find them in the "new" and 
"pinkeeps" section~

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