Just released...new pattern...primitive make-do pumpkin

Have an old feed sack? Why not make a few of my
 make do pumpkins. There are 2 sizes 4" and 6" included 
in the pattern but you may increase the size if you'd 
like more. Use every scrap of that feed sack because 
that is what make-do is all about. Easy to follow directions 
with extra hints. Why not make a pile today?!?

Here is your link to Patternmart

New dolly in the house to be adopted...

Dollies and more dollies...

~blue homespun dolly~

I love the look of a homemade dolly...
this wonderful dolly was created using all 
old fabrics...she has a beautiful blue homespun
dress that was actually the backing to a quilt...
you will still see where the stitches were
as well as some of the quilting threads...

Her face is simply drawn and her locks of
hair are from a sheep...her apron was another
quilt that someone never finished...

Her scarf is a piece of indigo fabric from another 
quilt top...she is very lightly stuffed with cotton
batting and holds a sprig of sweet annie...
she is 13" tall.

blue homespun dolly...$50 plus her shipping
please email me to purchase

Here's the latest!!!

Cottage Pinkeeps

I was inspired to create a few cottage pinkeeps... It was lots of fun using old feed sacks and quilts... just letting my imagination go... T...

Oldies but goodies