Cottage Pinkeeps

I was inspired to create a few cottage pinkeeps...

It was lots of fun using old feed sacks and quilts...

just letting my imagination go...

This is just one of see all of them go to finished goods. 

It's freezing February...



Creativity was abound here in the studio this month...

Here are the offerings from PHM for this month.


"Kind Words" pinkeep drum

Amish puzzle ball

Antique Autograph Quilt Pinkeeps

     The "Kind Words" drum, the Amish ball and one of the pinkeeps

are spoken for. There are 2 of the quilt pinkeeps available.

You will find them is the "finished goods" section.

The next PHM update is March 18th at 9 pm


EWM will be March 14th.



January Early Work Mercantile offering...


I'm happy to bring to you my first creation of 2021.
It's January, you know that month where we decide to exercise,
clean out and organize. Or maybe, you had enough of that last year!

Why not organize in something beautiful!?!

Visit the "finished items" section for more info on this great round container.

P.S. I've also added the remaining ornaments from Christmas 2020.
Just in case you need to add some to your tree in 2021.


I must say a lot has transpired since the last
time I posted!!! It was February...
then the world had to hide in their homes.

During that time I created my 
FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE hanging pockets.

Each pocket is different...
the main wool piece, the choice of colors for each design
and the antique ticking used for the backing.

The dimensions of the outside ticking portion is 
9.5" tall by 9" in width.
The ticking is actually 2 sided so the back is all ticking. 
The lined wool pocket is 8" wide by 6.5" tall.
All the wool has been hand stitched and 
embroidery detail has been added to each.
Each have a hanger of antique brown ribbon 
attached with 2 buttons.


FAITH...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase. spoken for


LOVE...$69 plus shipping to you
Please email me to purchase.

Things here in WV are getting back to a new
normal slowly. Please keep yourselves and
your families safe in this troubling time.

Until next time...

What you missed in February!!!

February was a very busy month for me!

The weather has in no way felt like winter...
so, I decided to get a jump on spring!

"A Friend's Gift" a large oval wreath with a cross 
stitched bag filled with greens...

You can read more about this wreath in the 
"finished goods" tab.

Antique velvet emery and pillow tucks

Read more about them in the finished section too!

Until next time,

Want another FREE pattern?

I've added another free pattern to the free
pattern section...

It's called Ohio Star Pinkeep...
check it out


I've added a "made to order" tab...


One of my favorite things to create is a huswif...
or sewing box, kit, roll...whatever your choice is :)

I added a "made to order" tab with photos of ones
I have created and the explanation of the areas
and dimensions. 

Each customer chooses the exterior and interior
fabrics from my stash...I pick out the rest of the
coordinating pieces. If you'd like to pick them
all out...that's ok with me too!

If something like this is a "have to have"...
email me so I can create one for you too!


Out with the old...

Out with the old...
isn't that what we do every January!

I have inventory that I will be listing in the 
section from time to time. These are items that
do not have a forever home.

If you see something you'd like...
please email me and I will happily pack it up for you.

I started with this piece...

It was reduced to 1/2 price. 

Early Work Mercantile for November

It's that time of year when we transform our
homes into magical Christmas wonderlands.

I've created a few items for EWM 
this month...

The first is my "The Smell of Christmas"
cross stitched pillow tucks. They are 5.5"
square, stitched on over dyed linen that
has hints of green and tan.
Each one is filled with fresh balsam fir.

And then there is...


He is 16" sitting on the antique
salemans sample piano stool.

He has a great needle sculpted face...
see all of him on my Early Work Mercantile

My first Santa of 2019...

The "Backwoods Santa"

Yea...I'm back making Santa's. Well, only one so far
but its a start! He appeared on Early Work
Mercantile in my October offerings.

You can see more of him here...

There is also a wonderful wool appliquéd
pillow too!

More later in the week with the updates
to Primitive Handmades Mercantile!


Don't ask me where my summer went...I have no clue!!!

Well, it was spring and I totally missed summer
now it's fall and I'm going to start on Christmas!

No, I haven't lost my mind along with the 
summer...I've just been filling orders and orders
and orders. Not that it's a bad thing, but they do go to
the top of the get-it-done list!

Here's the last of my fall items that I have been
sewing up...

mini cotton velvet pumpkin pinkeeps

They were offered on Primitive Handmades Mercantile
in September. I had a request for one in a different a blue one was born!

I will be more prompt and current about posting, lol! 

Until next time,

Here's the latest!!!

Cottage Pinkeeps

I was inspired to create a few cottage pinkeeps... It was lots of fun using old feed sacks and quilts... just letting my imagination go... T...

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