~meet Mattie and Josie (sold)~
~we wanted dollies but we didn't have money...
and mama said we had to save for fabric for
dresses...so we gathered some found objects...
some railing parts, a pair of old black socks,
some old pieces of crochet, 2 handkerchiefs
we took out of Grandma's drawer
and the sewing basket~
~here is how Mattie turned out...
she is the taller of the two at 11 1/4"...
~her face was stitched kinda quick cuz we wanted 
to get er done...and she is a bit dirty from playing...
Mattie can be yours for $35 plus her (USA) priority shipping...
please email me to purchase...or

~Josie is my favorite cuz of her cute stitched face...
she is smaller and is only 9 1/2" tall...
her shawl is pinned cuz we lost the needle...
but don't tell Ma or she won't let us sew again...
~Josie has been spoken for~

~city girl spindle sally make-do doll~

~Cousin Kimmie had a doll that I dearly
loved...her Grandma made it for her out of parts 
Grandpa saved from their city house and the rag
rug that wore out long ago...Sally is her name~
~she stands 15 1/2" with the gray chippy paint
stair part as her body...her pretty blue dress did
 get a bit dusty in the kitchen while we were 
baking and she might still smell of cinnamon 
and cloves from the ginger cookies~
~her head is a bit wide and not long like 
regular heads but that gives her a home made look...
her hair is that rag rug that was washed one too many
times and finally fell apart...
she is wearing a blue dress like mine cuz 
we had extra fabric and a collar since my teacher wears
one and I've always wanted one...
Sally can come live at your house for 
$42 plus her priority (USA) shipping...
please email me to give her a home...or


~simply Sara O'Hare~

~these wonderful hare girls are 15" and are simply 
dressed in their calico dresses and cruddy bonnets~

~I would be happy to create one for you in 
your favorite dress color~

~Sara O'Hare $35 plus shipping...
please email me to order~

~etta mae~

~Etta Mae is a 19" painted black folk art doll 
dressed in a cruddy muslin dress~
~she is wearing a strawberry pinkeep around 
her neck...and in her left hand is her 
stitchery that she has started~
~this wonderful pattern is designed by my 
friend Jackie of TFC Folkart~

~etta mae $55 plus shipping~