~Phoebe the Pumpkin Gal~

Phoebe is a perfect size to create, display and sell. She is
13" tall standing on her wooden base. She has a painted
and sanded finish. Her simple dress and really cool apron
give her that great fall look. My pattern details everything you
need to know to create your very own Phoebe.

Get her on Etsy for $9


~Ms. Becca Black~

Ms. Becca Black is a witch cat. She is standing 16" with the base. She has a painted and distressed body, a stained prairie dress and a very tall pointy witch hat. She holds her homemade broom too make of cast-off items. There are directions for completing her base
with paint, stain and a little love. She is perfect for your fall decorating!

Get her on Etsy now...
E-price is  $9


~E. A. Crowrider~

~here is a crow for your fall decorating...
he can also be used just like this or 
as a vehicle for a 15" doll...
how cute would that be...
a lilly p. simplewitch riding on the back~

~to purchase this pattern Etsy~
~E.A.Crowrider e-pattern $6~

~lilly p. simplewitch~

~decorate for fall and the Halloween season
with this prim perfect 15" tall standing witch...
she is dressed in her Sunday best including
her favorite pointy black hat...
she is selling her toads and holds a flag sign...
however, you may change the working on
the sign if you'd like...
in her hand is the basket of toads...
my pattern is extremely detailed explaining
exactly how you get the look...
it also has many helpful hints to make you successful~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~lilly p. simplewitch e-pattern is $9~

~simply salem & sydney shelfsitters~

~fun new pattern for fall...
create these two new shelf sitters in an 
Salem is the witch and is 8 1/2" tall,
Sydney is the pumpkin guy and is 7" tall...
both are 6 1/2" wide and are weighted with
crushed walnut shells...
each one holds a pet crow too~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~salem & sydney shelf sitters e-pattern...$7~

~oh rats~
~for the extreme Halloween decorator...
or just to scare someone...this is a fun and easy pattern...
these rats are 8" in length, not counting their tail~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~prim painted robin ornament~

~We all love robins...the first sign of spring! 
Why not make a few to give you that spring look 
when it's cold outside or celebrate the coming of spring...
or how about Christmas ornaments. This robin is 
sewn from linen, painted, distressed, antiqued 
and rubbed with cinnamon. She is 4 1/2" long 
and 2 1/2" high and hangs perfectly from a thread hanger. 
Get started on spring today!~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern $5~

~woodland cruddy pineapple~

~make a bowl full of these super cute pineapples
 in an afternoon...dark yellow homespun, wool felt 
and stuffing is all you need...these are approximately 
7" and would be a great craft for all year round...
get started today~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern $5~

~freda and her egg~

~Say hello to Freda...she is such a cutie...she is 11" 
tall standing by herself...she has her very own large 
egg too...her nice dark color is from 
walnut ink stain...complete instructions, 
hints and all pattern parts are easy to
 understand so you can make your own Freda~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern is $9~

~Fred and his carrot~

~meet Fred...he is Freda's beau...Fred is 9" sitting, 
dressed in calicos and wool and comes with 
the pattern for his carrot...check out his funky 
feet too...complete instructions, hints 
and all pattern parts are easy to understand 
so you can make your very own Fred...
make sure you check out Freda too~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~simply Mr. Jack O'Lantern~

Oh...what a cute face he has and very prim too!
He is 16" tall with lots of detail...
make one for your fall decorating...

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern is $9~

~sunflower garland~

Put your happy face on for these 5" sunflowers 
that would be great for your summer and fall decor. 
How about adding them to the sticks you've 
gathered to make a bouquet or make a wreath 
with them. These are super fast and can be 
created in an afternoon too!

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern is $5~

~simply sitting hilda and pete~

Ready to make some sitting pumpkin heads...
here is a 7" set for you. One black and one orange 
with witch hats. They are weighted so they will 
sit where you put them. Use my new painting 
technique to get that prim painted look. 
These will be a hit at your fall show so make sure 
you make several.

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~e-pattern is $6~

~primitive make-do pumpkin~

Have an old feed sack? Why not make a few of my
 make do pumpkins. There are 2 sizes 4" and 6" included 
in the pattern but you may increase the size if you'd 
like more. Use every scrap of that feed sack because 
that is what make-do is all about. Easy to follow directions 

with extra hints. Why not make a pile today?!?

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~primitive woodland crow~

~we love fall and the decorating that goes with it...
make one of these great crows for your fall decor...
he is roughly 8" tall and made of painted and grunged
linen...there are directions for the cinnamon 
crusted candlestick base too~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~
~ e-pattern...$6~

~punch needle 3-d strawberry~

~needle punch this 5" strawberry using Valdani
threads to create a realistic 3 dimensional strawberry...
this is a bit of a challenge but the reward is awesome...
complete instruction for assemble and detailing too~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy...

~prim tulips~

~I hope you are smiling...because I do when I see
these extra large colorful prim tulips...
they shout "SPRING" to me...they finish at 21" in
height and are 6" at the widest part of the tulip...
use your creativity in painting and decorating them too~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~velvet fruit pinkeeps~

~ready to add the richness of velvet with everyday ticking...
these yummy velvet fruit pinkeeps are for you...the sizes
range from 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" with complete instruction,
helpful hints and sources for supplies...use them
as pinkeeps or make just the fruit for holiday ornaments~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy

~pin peeps...pinkeeps~

~want to make some cute colorful pin peeps for spring
or Easter...then this is your pattern...quick and easy
with lots of helpful hints...use the peeps with the pinkeep 
or use them alone as decoration~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy

~Roselind Rabbit~

~Roselind is a 15 1/2" standing rabbit...her
pattern comes complete with the painting, grunging,
wooden base directions and assembly instructions...
there are also lots of hints to make you successful in's like me looking over your shoulder...
she would be perfect for any Easter decor...
sitting or standing~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $9~

~woodland mice~

~4 different poses in one pattern...each mouse is 5 1/2"
long...this is a "looking at you mouse", a "looking 
up mouse", a "looking over the edge mouse" and a
"just looking mouse"...they are easy to make and
will be a hit at your fall shows~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~tilly & lucy simplewitch~

~17" witchy some for all you fall
shows....friends...relatives and YOU~ 

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~antique tin & wool applique
cookie cutter "how to"~

~are you up for a challenge...tired of the same old
thing out you love antiques like I do...
try this fun pattern for gifts or for yourself...

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy ~

~simply Sara O'Hare rabbit doll~

~she is so sweet and simple...
15" of cute...
make one or several for your shows~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~simply sweet angel ornaments~

~aren't these sweet...the head is 2" in diameter...the wings
are approximately 5" and all 3 wings are in the pattern
for you to choose from~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~simply Sam & Abe ornaments~

~third in my "Simply" ornaments line is this famous duo...
meet Sam & Abe...time for waving that red, white and blue
or celebrating a great President...make an Americana 
tree that you can leave up all summer long...Abe has
a needle sculpted nose and they both have needle felted beards...
how about making something different today?~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy

~simply Hilda & Pete ornaments~

~what fun...another "simply" pattern just in time for fall...
make both of these in an afternoon...both are approximately
5" and would look great hanging out with you...
directions are complete and simple to follow...
my grunge mixture recipe is included too!~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~Simply Mr. & Mrs.
O'Hare Ornaments~

~cute...cute...cute...these two are approximately 5" and are
ready for you to start your Easter decorating...the pattern
comes with the Easter bonnets and top hat for the rabbit couple~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~"Bud" the snowguy~

~what's something you can leave out long after the
holidays? Bud! He is 8" tall and simple to create~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~simply santa & snowman

~get busy for the holidays...and what could be easier and
fast...these are 5" and are sure to be a hit at your shows~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~


~ make a pike of these great acorns and decorate through the
holidays...they are 5 1/2" tall including the stick stem~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy~

~angel trio ornament~

~if you liked the granary tombstone angel ornament...
you'll definitely like this one too...the largest angel is 5" wide
and they are all 2 1/2"...same head, just 3 different wings...
perfect for your show~

~to purchase this pattern Etsy
e-pattern $6~

~here kitty...kitty~

~cute...cute...cute and very quick to put together...
the finished kitty will be approximately 4" depending on
the size spool you use...make lots for your shows,
you are going to need them~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~bunnie wabbit trio~

~these are 4", 5" and 9 1/2" tall...make all three or just one...
great for craft shows for that impulse shopper...
easy, fast and inexpensive to create~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~"Hootie" the witch owl~

~make this witch owl for your fall decor...then change
his hat to a Santa cap for more fun~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~welcome pineapple pinkeep~

~another wonderful pinkeep on the painted wooden
candlestick...this is 5" tall...make it as is or how about
just the pineapple as on ornament~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~woodland hummingbird~

~5" hummingbird...make it with batik for a realistic look...
an antique square nail is used for the beak~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~for the love of pears~

~wool pear pinkeep on a painted and antiqued wooden
candlestick and pear ornament~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~primitive spring eggs~
~use up your small fabric pieces and stuff with your
fabric scraps...what could be easier...I've kept the price low :) ~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $4~

~Chickies...Momma & Babies~

~decorate your home this spring with a set of these chicks...
they are painted, sanded and antiqued...they have rusted
wire feet to stand on their own~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $6~

~strawberry velveteen pinkeep~

~small...beautiful...velveteen and super easy to make...
this pinkeep is 5" tall and comes with the directions for
getting that antique paint look~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

~bird pinkeeps
miniature antique style~

~this size of pinkeep is my best seller by fan and it is
very easy to make...the finished pinkeep is 3" tall and 6"
from beak to tail...there are 2 different variations of a
pincushion and my favorite antiquing solution in the pattern~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $6~

~granary tombstone angel~

~I love this pattern...I love angels...the finished size is
5 1/2" wide by 3 1/4" tall...her wings are darker on the outer
edges and lighter through the middle and I teach you 
how to do that~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $7~

~woodland santa ornament~

~this popular primitive Woodand santa ornament is fun to
make and uses little fabric...he has a sculpted nose and sticks
for hands and feet...what could be easier...the pattern comes
with my favorite grunge recipe...his finished 7 1/2" size is
perfect for your Christmas tree~

~to purchase this pattern on Etsy
e-pattern $5~

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