~folksy crow~
~four and twenty black birds baked in a pie...but no per here... just folksy crows...this balck bird is 7 1/2" long and will sit or hang from the thread hanger...created from a black print with black and tan ticking wings~

~folksy crow $18 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~meet hazel~

 ~I am so excited to bring back my witches
in a smaller size...and boy do I love them...
Hazel is 17" tall...dressed in a heavily
distress tan dress~

~Hazel is wearing her best witch hat for her travels~

~her apron is grunged as well as her bloomers under
the dress...she is standing on a piece of old flooring...
Hazel is a copyrighted Woodland Primitives creation~

~Hazel $48 plus shipping~
~this exact one is sold...however, I do have more fabric
to create another...the bodice fabric will be the same color family but a different print...I've exhausted my first supply~

~this is Blair~

~Blair is also 17" tall if she could stand...
but she prefers sitting (her chair is not included)...
she is dressed in a navy paisley and tan distressed
~Blair has beady eyes and does wear the same witch hat since they are witch sisters~
~Blair does have bloomers and 2 rusted pins to hold up
her dress to show off her pretty feet~

~Blair $45 plus shipping~
~please email me to order yours~

~create your own witch~

~now...I am going to do something that I have
not witnessed a folk artist do...
here is an a-la-cart menu for you to help me create a Woodland Primitives witch for you...

choose stitched eyes -or-bead eyes...

choose sitting $45 or standing $48...

choose your color of dress...

dress will be 2 fabrics (one for the bodice and one for the skirt) heavily distressed~

and I will create the witch of your dreams!!!

~start your fall decorating off with one of my witch heads~

~this very prim witch is "witch one"...
she is 8" tall...weighted to sit in the spot you choose...
painted and distressed in true Woodland
Primitives fashion~

~witch one $24 plus shipping~

~this is "witch me too"...also very prim with
beady eyes...8" tall and weighted~

~witch me too $24 plus shipping~