~buckshot pinkeeps~ 

~I love all things from the civil war era and these pinkeeps fit right 
in...they were originally called "buckshot" pincushions because
they were filled with buckshot...now, mine are a bit different...
mine are stuffed with fabric scraps instead~

~the blue/gray one has four different print fabrics but all the
 same color family...it is 5" wide and 3" tall~
~this one is sold...you can order yours if you wish~
 ~the americana one has three coordinating fabrics and is also 5" wide and 3" tall~
~each pinkeep is $28 plus shipping...
please specify by color~
~please email me to purchase~


~a newly designed bird box sewing kit...
 ~do not let the photo deceive you...this bird box sewing kit is
 only 3 1/2" tall, 3 1/4" wide and the tiny bird on top is 2 1/2"
 long...this is the newest in my handmade boxes...the box is
 totally handmade and stitched together...
there is a pinkeep on top of the box that is filled with 
crushed walnut shells...
the tiny bluebird had a gusset and little wings~
~inside of the box for your enjoyment are 6 antique wooden
 spools...some with little thread...a needlekeep with a few old
 pins...the sewing kit has a cord to tie it closed~

~bird box sewing kit $50 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~flattie bunnies~

~newly designed just for Early Work Mercantile...
are my hand colored linen bunnies~
~they are colored on both sides...are only 4 1/2" tall...
and are somewhat flat...each one is uniquely different due to the handmade nature so please select by number, all are sold...but I can still make one for you~

~flattie bunnie $20 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~and...what goes with bunnies...carrots~
 ~I fell in love with therealistic look of these carrots...and you will too~
 ~the larger set includes 3 carrots measuring 
12", 11" and 10.5" that is including the greens~
~the smaller set includes 3 carrots measuring 8", 7.5" and 6" including the greens...pattern by Make Me a Memory...

~large set $24 plus shipping~
~small set $18 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~simply Sara O'Hare~

~these wonderful hare girls are 15" and are simply 
dressed in their calico dresses and cruddy bonnets~

~I would be happy to create one for you in your favorite dress color~

~Sara O'Hare $32 plus shipping...
please email me to order~