Let me help you with your Americana decor...

~Sam and Ms. Liberty~

 Sam is 9” and has been adapted from one
 of my patterns…he has stick arms and legs
 and a wooly beard…he does have a thread hanger 
if you choose to hang him from your patriotic tree 
or a cupboard door knob...

Sam is $30 plus shipping...
please email me to purchase

Ms. Liberty is another creation that has stick 
arms and legs...her wings are lightly stuffed
and her sash cruddied...she also has
a thread hanger so she can be displayed...

Ms. Liberty is $28 plus shipping...
please email me to purchase

P.S. for any civil war history buffs...
the book used in the photograph is a military funds
ledger for soldiers from Ohio during the civil war.
At the top of the page is the area and the date of 1865.