~allspice pinkeep~

~one woman's trash is another ones treasure...
a pinkeep treasure that is...
tucked into and old allspice can is a pinkeep 
fashioned from a piece of old indigo fabric
salvaged from a quilt top...
affixed to the pinkeep is a teenie red bird complete 
with wings....I've added a few old pins to
the pinkeep for interest...this pinkeep is 
3 3/4" high and 2 1/4" in width~

~one-of a-kind allspice pinkeep $15,
plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~armetale mug pinkeep~

~armetale mug pinkeep...armetale is the poor
mans pewter...this pinkeep uses an armetale 
mug base and has a wonderful victorian velvet crazy 
quilt pinkeep inside...attached to the pinkeep is
a string of old buttons, an old black hat pin and a
small pouch that holds an antique very loved 
thimble...attached to the handle is an emery 
strawberry made from some of the same quilt...
this pinkeep is 4 1/2" high and 3" wide~

~armetale mug pinkeep $25,
plus shipping~

~please email me to purchase~

~antique kitchen grater pinkeep~
~I love all things old and making a pinkeep 
using an old item is fun, especially when that
item is from the kitchen and it is "green"...
clamp this pinkeep next to you on your sewing table 
and it will bring a smile to you everyday...

 ~the entire one-of-a-kind piece is
15" tall...I have affixed the quilt pinkeep 
to the grater and attached a pinkeep bird to it
complete with its teenie strawberry~
~as you can see, the name embroidered are 
Hobart and Nellie...can't you just picture them~

~antique kitchen grater pinkeep
$55 plus shipping~

~please email me to purchase~

~R is for robin~
~whether your name is Robin or you love
birds like I do...this one is for you...
R is for robin is a hand appliqu├ęd piece...
the wool robin and the branch have been 
stitched to the dyed linen background and 
backed with a tiny brown check homespun...
on the back are 2 tiny rings to hang the piece
or you may just lay it on the table...
I do have it on an antique wooden hanger 
 displayed in my studio...if that interests you, 
I can add that for an additional $5...
the size is 14" high by 10" wide~

~R is for robin...$40 plus shipping~
~$5 additional for the antique hanger~

~please email me to purchase~