~victorian scissor keep necklace~

~this is a much needed gift to yourself or for
anyone who sews or does needlework...
keeping those scissors close and handy means
you can stitch more...
this scissor keep was designed with small
scissors in mind...the pair in the photo are
my favorites and are for demonstration purposes only..
the scissor keep has been stained to five it a vintage look..
the cord is generous enough to go around your neck..
if it is too long, it can be knotted to shorten...
sewn on the front is a collection of old buttons...
the interior is fully lined with a coordinating
quilters cotton print to keep the point of your scissors
from coming through the stitching...
the overall length of the keep is 3 1/2"
and the top is 2 1/4" wide~

~victorian scissor keep necklace is $35 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~trash to treasure bunny box~

~from a handyman's homemade drawer to a
primitive treasure with a cross stitched lid...

~first the cross stitch was created on linen...
pattern by Scattered Seed Samplers...it was
heavily stained and sewn with a coordinating
calico to make the lid~

~I fashioned a hinge attaching it to the home made 
drawer and affixed the cross stitched lid to it...
you will notice that the front has chippy white
paint over a minty green...the green shows up
again on one of the sides~

~a screw eye was used as the made do handle
of the drawer...the size is 7 1/2" long, 2 1/2" high
 and 3 1/2" wide~

~I love creating with olde things and hope you
love this piece too~

~trash to treasure bunny box is $48 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~cross stitched strawberry scissor fob~
~never loose your embroidery scissors~

~just attach them to my strawberry scissor 
fob...the strawberry is 2 1/2" in length...
created with aztec red linen with tiny
cross stitched seeds...there is a 
generous twisted cord to attach your
scissors...you can also use it as a pin keep
since it is filled with crushed walnut 
shells...the scissors in the photo are for
demonstration only and need to go back
to my studio...the strawberry scissor fob
is $22 plus shipping to you...
please email me to order~

~velvet strawberry emery~

~rich velvet was used to create this 
wonderful strawberry emery...
the strawberry is 4" long not including the
antique seam tape bow on the top...
there are seed beads sewn at random...
it is filled with the finest of emery sand to sharpen your 
needles...every sewing basket needs one of these~

~velvet strawberry emery...$24
plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~$24 plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~amish puzzle balls~

~these are so much fun to create...
it's all in the detail...
wonderful calicos were used for this ball...
the puzzle ball consists of 12 football shapes...
each with detail stitching...please note that
this has been heavily distressed...perfect for
the extreme prim lover...

~gold puzzle ball...$55 plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~Amish puzzle ball...of many fabrics~

~this is truly a puzzle...3 different fabrics of 4 different
colors...blue, brown, tan and gold...at the joining
of 4 points there is one of each color...that is
every joint...this puzzle ball is 4 1/2" in diameter
with detail stitching over each seam...the
ball has been cruddied, baked and sanded to perfection~

~Amish puzzle ball of many fabrics...$68 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~velvet strawberry emery~

~my most popular velvet emery...
rich red hand dyed velvet...green ribbon...
the finest of emery sand...
black seed beads...twisted floss...
hand dyed green velvet~

~all make up this wonderful strawberry emery...
even if you do not sew, you need on of these to
remind you of that yummy fruit we all so love...
the red velvet emery is 2 1/2" long, lined and filled
with the finest emery sand to sharpen your needles...
the seeds were hand sewn to the strawberry~

~choose from~

~brick red~ 

~deep red~

~velvet strawberry emery with babies...$32
plus shipping to you~
~please email me to purchase~

~wool tape measures~

~perfect for tucking in your bag fir that special
antiquing trip or in case you run across that perfect
piece in your travels~

~each one is a retractable tape measure that is 2 1/4" in
diameter and covered with hand dyed wool...the button is
where you would push to retract the tape...the wool is
hand dyed so the colors could be different...
gold one will not be as orange and will be more a
golden color...have exhausted that beautiful hand dyed piece~

~wool tape measure...$22 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~sewing needfuls collection~

~sewing needfuls are a passion of mine...
I love collecting them and recreating the old into "new old"...
these three would look great as additions to your collection
too...the bird on the antique ticking and linen pinkeep 
is 3 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" wide~

~the bird has a few fixes...the pinkeeps are tied together
with dirty hemp...they have been embellished
with a few rusted pins and a covered pin~

~the amish puzzle ball was created using 18 different
fabrics and has wonderful detail stitching around
every segment...it is 3" in diameter...the amish triangle
pinkeep is filled with crushed walnut shells and
has decorative stitching on every seam...
each side is a different civil war reproduction fabric...
it measures 2" high~

~each item is priced individually...

bird pinkeep ~ $30
amish puzzle ball ~$45
amish triangle pinkeep ~ $20

~shipping to be added as needed~
~please email me to order~

~victorian velvet needlekeep~

~a recent addition to my sewing needfuls collection
was one of these beautiful needle keeps...it was made
with velvet and silk...I have reproduced it for you...
the covers are detailed with tiny button hole stitches...
a fine crocheted cord holds it all together~

~blue cotton velvet covers the outside and civil war
reproduction fabric is in the interior...a piece of
distressed wool felt matches my original antique...
this is 3" high and 2 1/4" wide~

~victorian needle keep...$30 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~