~primitive wooly welcome pineapple~

~do you love the early American colonial decorating...
like the wonderful holiday decor at Williamsburg...

the pineapple is a symbol of welcome...
here is my version created with 
a two toned gold and green wool~

~the greens on top are also green wool...
there are crushed walnut
shells in the base so it will sit in place...
the pineapple itself (not the greens) measures 5 1/4" tall...
this is a version of my cruddy pineapple pattern...

this is the perfect size to put in a wreath...
add to a table display or tuck it into a basket...
it also would make a great gift for your prim friend~

~Primitive wooly welcome pineapple is 
$20 plus shipping to you...
please email me to order~

~primitive angels~

~Need just one more prim angel...
how about a tree topper...

Here are 2 different colors of fabric for these prim gals...
red and green homespun~

~a brown with writing~

~each angel is 9" in length and the snow fence wings are 
roughly 9" wide...the angel is stuffed with clean scrap 
fabric to give her that lumpy feel...
the pattern is by Dru Ann~

~primitive hanging angel is $18 plus shipping
please email me to purchase~


~wooly feather tree~

~I have a passion for these wonderful trees...
I'd make them all day if I could~

~This size is perfect for your decorating needs...
it is 14" tall standing on the painted and distressed star base...
the wooly feather tree is totally handmade in my studio
and has 5 layers of branches...
the color of wool is an army green~

~Wooly Feather Tree... $48 plus shipping to you...
please email me to order yours~


~woodland wooly pine tree~

~this wonderful tall wooly pine tree is my design...
I wanted to do something different than the wool
feather trees you traditionally see~

~this woodland wooly pine tree is 20" tall with
8 layers of handmade wool branches...each one is
attached to the wrapped trunk...
the color of the wool is a pine green...
the base itself is a 5 1/4" antique bobbin~

 ~Woodland Wooly Pine Tree... $58 plus shipping to you...
please email me to order~


~christmas...hand stitched wool
applique mat~

~I love the muted colors of wool in this hand
stitched applique mat...it is 14" wide and 9" high...
all the pieces have been stitched to the black wool
background...calico covers the back side...
dress up your holiday table with this
beautiful piece...original design by
Kindred Spirits~

~wool "Christmas" mat...$50 plus shipping to you
please email me to purchase~

~primitive wool applique
Christmas garland~

~dress up your mantle with this wool hand stitched
applique Christmas garland...it is 27" with 12" tails
to secure the ends~

~the star is 6" long and the 4 tongues are 4" long...
the garland was assembled with wool, calico and 
lots of hand stitching...each piece is separated by
wool pine branches...this is an original design by
Kindred Spirits~

~primitive wool Christmas garland...$45
plus shipping to you
please email me to purchase~

~little drummer bear on 
antique Ohio Art child's drum~

~wouldn't you like a different decoration for the
holidays...are you a bear collector or a fan
of Ohio Art collectibles...this this one-of-a-kind
piece is for you~

~the jointed bear is handmade and has been
distressed to give it an antique look...he is wearing
a drummer boy cap made from dictionary pages
and is holding his tiny drum sticks~

~the total height is 12" with the bear sitting
on the drum...bear pattern by Sweet Meadow Farms~

~little drummer bear...$55 plus shipping to you
please email me to purchase~

~Pennsylvania German fraktur 
bird ornaments~

~10" long and made from wonderful batiks...
choose from blue~



~each bird is $18 plus shipping...
please email me to order yours~

~Pennsylvania German folded paper
star ornaments~

~handcrafted from parchment in the traditional 
Moravian manor...set of 3 paper stars...
dipped in wax and glittered...
2 1/4" in diameter~

~$18 plus shipping~
~please email me to purchase~

~snowballs that don't melt~

~these bring a smile to my face...
and I hope to yours too...

~cruddied and attached to a decorated candlestick...
these snowballs are glistening with mica...
each has a cruddy orange wool nose...
and dried cranberry features...
they are 5" high and 3 1/2" wide...
designed is by Kindred Spirits...

snowball #1...$26 
plus shipping (USA only) to your home...
please email me to purchase...or you can


snowball #2...$26
plus shipping (USA only) to your home...
please email me to purchase...or

~great care must be given to the storage of
these snowballs to retain the adhered mica~

~snow white~

~meet snow white...a make-do snow gal
all dressed in white...

~snow white is dressed in all white...
a white infant dress, a white wool scarf
and a white wool hat~

~her cute face has stitched eyes and that
long skinny carrot nose~

~her head is topped with stringy hair
and her white top hat~

~her body was created from a money bag from 
Columbus, Ohio that is weighted so she'll
stand...snow white is 18 1/2" tall and is a
Woodland Primitives one-of-a-kind~

~snow white...$50 
plus shipping (3#) to your home...
please email me to purchase~