~New for the Christmas of 2016...
Cross Stitched Acorn Ornaments~
Each one is approximately 1 3/4" to 2"...
they are topped with real acorn caps and a
thread hanger...choose from
~snowflake stitched on blue linen~
~santa stitched on confederate gray and lightly stained~
~reindeer stitched on parchment linen and stained~
~feather tree stitched on parchment linen and stained~

These are $12 each and made to order... 
please email me with your choices. 

~Fall Cross stitched acorn ornaments~





each one is stitched on linen and stained...
they have real caps and a thread hanger...
these are made to order for you and are roughly 1 3/4".

Please email me to order

~Pennsylvania German folded paper
star ornaments~

~handcrafted from parchment in the traditional 
Moravian manor...set of 3 paper stars...
dipped in wax and glittered...
2 1/4" in diameter~

~$18 plus shipping~
~please email me to order~

~coverlet stocking~
~actually one one available of this coverlet stocking...
it is filled with preserved princess pine, a tiny 
buckeye and bells attached to rusted wire...
the ornament is 7 1/2" long and would look
great on a wreath or in a tree~

~sold out~

~Pennsylvania German fraktur bird

~10" long and made from wonderful batiks...
choose from blue~




~each bird is $18 plus shipping...
please email me to order yours~