~ about me ~

~Hi there...

~I am, Carol Woodard, folk artist, owner and
sole creator/designer of primitive hand mades
from Woodland Primitives. That's me on the far
right...on the left is my inspiration for sewing...my
beautiful Mom. I have been sewing and creating
for as long as I can remember. My mother always
encouraged me, telling me that "I could do anything"
so I am doing what I love. I draw on my love
of antiques and all things "olde" to create new
primitive collectibles for your home.
I especially enjoy creating birds, dolls, pinkeeps
and reproduction sewing needfuls from wonderful
calicos I find in my travels.~

~I am sure you will enjoy my items here on my
web site. I take great pride in creating and
designing. Everything I sell is made as if it was
going in my own home. When you see something
you'd like please email me. If it isn't
the right color...don't worry I have lots of 
fabric. Many of the items are one-of-a-kinds
and can be recreated but not duplicated.
Everyones idea of primitives is different
but that's what makes us all unique. I use various
methods to cruddy my items. So no two will
ever be the same therefore
yours will be a one-of-a-kind too!~

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~for the legal stuff~
All of my items are for adults only and are not
kid proof. There are pin, button, stuffing and small
parts that are not suitable for children.
My items are copyrighted with the Library of
Congress. Please respect my designs and create
your own. Patterns are also copyrighted and there
is no tolerance for cheats. Items created from
my patterns can not be wholesaled unless
you have permission from me personally.
Mass production or stolen work created in a
foreign country will be dealt with by my attorney.
All images are the property of Woodland Primitives
and Carol Woodard.