June...really?!? I'm way too busy!

It's time I clean up the web site and get some fresh
 new things in here...
my problem is that I never have any overstock anymore!

That is good and bad!
So, I'm hoping to slow down on a lot of activities
that take so much time and focus on creating and 
creating and creating!

Have you ever ordered from me?
If so, you know what these are...

Every purchase gets one of these...

I try to coordinate the color of roving with the time
of year. Since I'm in that Americana mood they currently are red.

I've added a few thing to the site that are new...
~victorian scissor keep necklace~
~"Elizabeth Starbuck" reproduction sampler~
~a sampler pinkeep~
~wool applique on antique linen~

these are in the "new" tab...check them out and tell me what you think!