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October 20, 2015
Absent again!!!
Here are a few items remaining
from my updates this 
past week on 
Early Work Mercantile and
Primitive Handmades Mercantile...
~ two very detailed hand
stitched covered boxes...
one square and
one is the
link to close ups of each
Early Work Mercantile~
 ~the miniature oval box
 bird pinkeep...
and the round brown and cream
one...each are 3" in diameter and
4 1/2" high...$24 plus shipping~

August 13, 2015
Time to get organized...
moving makes you do this...
I will be adding all my inventory
items to the appropriate pages and 
also listing on my Etsy site...
2 velvet strawberry emery pinkeep sets...
gold and zinfandel

and the antique button pinkeep
in the pinkeep section

Mattie and Josie in the dolls section~

August 11, 2015
I am on a roll now...
working my a... off before my move...
a new pattern was born out of a
special order for mice...
So, I get to share my work with 
you so you can create some too...
These guys are 5 1/2" in length
and there are 4 different poses for them...
find them at Patternmart
for the instant download.

August 3, 2015
Boy...I am fired! 
Two months since I made an entry!!!
Yikes...ok, here's the scoop..
another pattern!
Meet Tilly & Lucy Simplewitch...
great 17" witch sisters...
available on Patternmart
for $9 for the digital and 
$11 plus $2.50 for the hard copy...
get yours and start those engines...
sewing machines that is !!!
There is also a link under the 
patterns tab :)

May 28, 2015
New pattern...WooHoo!
My wool applique cookie cutters
were so successful that I thought I
would write a "how to" for creative
people to work on...
it is available on Patternmart,
Etsy and Craftsy...
for the next 4 days
 (5/28/15 to 5/31/15)          
it will be half price on Pattermart...
the link will also be available 
under the "patterns" tab too!

May 27, 2015
Primitive Handmades Mercantile
update was last Thursday evening...
I created wonderful wool
applique antique cookie cutters!
Here are the ones that are remaining
that are available...
the dog on the left is available...
the lion... 
the sold
and the tan cat...
each one is $20 plus the shipping to 
you of $3.50...please
email me if you are interested!
If you would like to see what you missed
here is the link to PHM !

May 5, 2015
Many thanks to my friend Teresa for 
taking my strawberry emeries to the
Primitive Stitcher's Society Retreat 
in Williamsburg, VA...
If you need one...please email me...
they are 4" long not including the top
that is antique seam tape

April 22, 2015
It was Early Work Mercantile
and Primitive Handmades Mercantile
time all in one week...
there are make-do dollies
~this is Josie~ 
~and this is Mattie~ 
~this is Spindle Sally...
each doll was created on a 
wooden stair part...
check them out in the "new" section~

~P is for Patience~
~she is my newest doll created because
everyone needs a little patience~
 ~and...a golden velvet strawberry 
~find them both in the "new" section
Primitive Handmades Mercantile~

March 31, 2015
Where has the month gone?
I have been very busy with orders...
thank you very much for those 
who have contacted me! 
I have been working steadily on
each order...I don't work fast
because I want your item to be perfect 
for you! I am a perfectionist...
and maybe that doesn't exactly go
with primitives it is my
work ethic. Just know as always,
I'll send you a photo for approval
prior to requesting payment.

Here are a few "new" one-of-a-
kind items that I created for the updates
this month...
~allspice pinkeep...
tiny bird on an old spice can...
~armetale mug pinkeep...
using a piece of wonderful victorian
velvet crazy quilt...also includes
a velvet emery~

 ~antique kitchen grater pinkeep...
made of all things old~
~R is for robin wool and linen
wall hanging~
~see all of these in the pinkeeps
and decor sections~

February 27, 2015
Yippee...a new pattern!
~simply Sara O'Hare rabbit doll~
~a wonderful simple and sweet
rabbit for your spring decorating...
find her on Patternmart~

February 16, 2015
Early Work Mercantile time...
birds...birds on an egg pinkeep...
amish triangle balls are all available
~bird...egg...antique knob pinkeeps...
these are one-of-a-kinds don't wait or 
they will be gone..all sold~
~cruddy birds...a version of my 
painted robin...
available in blues and browns...
find them in the "animals" section~

~amish triangle two colors~
~amish triangle balls available 
in the "pinkeep" section~

February 16, 2015 
A lot of time has passed since my last 
addition of 2014. Below is a personal photo from Thanksgiving with my Mom. 
She became an angel on January 5th and 
has been reunited my Dad in heaven now.
 She was the most wonderful, kind, caring woman I have ever known. 
I only wish that I will always be like her.

 November 25, 2014
Need some Pennsylvania German
fraktur bird ornaments for your tree
this year...
~you will find them in the "new" section~

November 14, 2014
It's Early Work Mercantile time again...
and this time there are Santa's...
 ~ a corduroy santa~

~woodland quilt santa...
this one will be a pattern to be 
released shortly~
~to get to the site click here EWM~

November 6, 2014
"Simply Sweet Angel Ornaments"
Yea...finally got one made! Thought it was 
going to be spring before I finished this new pattern! The head is 2" in diameter and the wings are approximately 5". There are 3
different wings in the pattern. You can get it here on Patternmart.

October 6, 2014
Boy...fall is in the air
~How about some wool acorn pinkeeps...
see the pinkeep section for more info

September 18, 2014
Catch up time...

~Boo Kitty~
~Boo Kitty debuted on PHM last month...she can be found in the "new section" and can be ordered...the mustard dress will be available again (if that's your favorite)...I need to visit one of my favorite amish fabric stores :)

Early Work Mercantile

Early Work Mercantile updates...
Faye and Kaye both witches
just a head witch...
find them in the "new" section or
here at EWM
oops...almost forgot the mice...
they are there too!

July 20, 2014
Most everyone who follows me knows of the Early Work Mercantile updates and the Primitive Handmades Mercantile updates...
but here are a few photos and the link to the "new" section where you will find all the info!

~this is hazel~ 
~Blair sitting in a chair~ 
 ~folksy crow~
~halloween gang...don't get too excited here...all but #3 was sold immediately~

July 18, 2014
Lots of catching up to do so let's get started...
First...there are 2 new patterns
 ~simply Hilda & Pete ornaments~
~simply Sam & Abe ornaments~
~you can find the links in the pattern section~

July 7, 2014
I've added "Crafty Tip #4"...
how to eliminate those dark burnt
spots on the back of the baked dolls...
see how in Crafty Tips

June 23, 2014
Just a few more shots of Abe and Sam...

I love how Abe turned out!

And Sam too!
Can't wait too see what comes out of my
studio next using this same pattern!!!
These 2 are going to Ohio to live in a very happy home...Hugs, Diane


June 20, 2014
Need some Americana?
Update to Primitive Handmades Mercantile was last evening...
here is your link
Primitive Handmades Mercantile
Just to tease you a are a few photos
Mr. Lincoln

Uncle Sam


Velvet Cherries...$18
 What do you think? 
Let me

June 3, 2014
Would you like a free pattern?
As a "thank you" to all my pattern customers and my over 1000 "likes" on my Facebook page, I have created a FREE Woodland Acorn Pattern for you! 
Did I say free?
You can get it here on Patternmart!


May 30, 2014
Do you have a collection of my 
needle felted acorns? 

If you do...than thank you very much!

If you don't...I'll tell you how others get them. With every prim purchase from Woodland Primitives the items are packaged with shreds, brown tissue and tucked into a brown paper bag.  Attached to the bag  you will always find a business card (so you never forget me) and a small needle felted acorn. 
Why a needle felted acorn you ask...for 2 reasons. Well, actually 3. 
1) I want your item to be presented to you as if you were opening a gift. And my gift to you is the acorn.
2) The acorn represents my "Woodland" theme.
3) I live on Acorn Way and have tons of acorns!!!

I do make them to sell...however, it is more fun to give them away to you! 

May 17, 2014

Updates to Early Work Mercantile and Primitive Handmades Mercantile were last week and what a busy week it was...
Here are a few you can see I had strawberries on my mind!
velvet strawberries...set of 4 on PHM
strawberry of your dreams on PHM
Handmade Strawberry Pinkeep on
Antique Velvet Crazy Quilt Strawberry Emery
on EWM only #1 is remaining 

Each new available item has been added to the new section...have a great week!

May 12, 2014
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day...I sure did and I was treated to a trip to the 1824 Walker Farmhouse Antique show in Leechburg, PA where I met the gals from Of Cloth and Hand. I am in awe of the knowledge and talent of Bobbette and Angela.

 With that in mind, hopefully you will see some changes made in some of my items...

Added the unsold items from the last two updates to the site...just in case you missed them or need something in the future...
~chocolate dog...under animals~
~miniature bird pinkeeps...under pinkeeps~

April 21, 2014
Here are some new items made for Early Work Mercantile and Primitive Handmades Mercantile this month...
 ~miniature bird pinkeeps~
 ~angel of spring thyme~
~chocolate dog~
~mini boxed quilt~
Here is your link to PHM


 ~amish puzzle balls~

~sign of spring angel~
~antique reproduction bird~

You can find these items here at
Early Work Mercantile

Thanks for looking...have a wonderful day!
Smiles, Carol

April 12, 2014
Getting ready for the EWM update and putting a few items on the web page for all to enjoy and/or purchase :)
~these buckshot pinkeeps can be found in the 
"needfuls" section also~


April 7, 2014
Congrats to Gloria Slone...a resident on Primitive Lane! She won the pair of rabbit heads Mr. & Mrs. O'Hare.
~Primitive Lane is a Facebook group...if you are not a member ask to is your link...if you didn't win and would like your own set of Mr. & Mrs. O'Hare just go to the ornaments tab and you can order yours...if you sew I have a pattern for you too~

March 16, 2014
The sun is shining...the birds are happy and so is my squirrel! Adding him to the "animals" section for his permanent home!
Go there to see more info..

March 15, 2014

Here are a few photos of the new items available on
the Early Work Mercantile site this month...

~the bird box sewing kit is very small...the box is only 3 1/4" wide and 3 1/2" tall. It is filled with 6 antique wooden thread spools and a few old straight pins~
~the pinkeep above is called a "buckshot" pincushion that is a reproduction of pincushions created during the civil war know I love my history and all things olde~

March 14, 2014

It's Early Work Mercantile time!!! Lots of new goodies...check them out here. The entire site has a new look too!

Hey!!!! Did you notice my new look? 

I cleaned house...well my web site house :)

March 4, 2014

I wanted to share the BOGO I have going on at the present will go until the end of the day on the what are you waiting for???


March 3, 2014

Please CELEBRATE with me!!!
First of all...a giant thank you to Amy of Amybug's Attic for updating my site. Isn't it better? More open and not so cluttered...spring cleaning came early this year!

Secondly...WOOHOO! I reached 1000 on my Facebook page! Can you believe it! Jumping for joy here and thanks to each 
and everyone of you...Hugs!

February 26, 2014

Just added Crafty Tip #3 to the crafty tips section...
read it here

February 23, 2014

Where has the time gone...I never thought we would get through January and nowwe are at the end of February!...

~simply Sara O'Hare~

'tis a gift to be simple...simply Sara O'Hare that is...see more of them in the new section or the dolls section~

~the cruddiest eggs of all~

~I had so much fun making these...let me make you a set...see them in the new section and the decor section~

~lamp pinkeep~

~added to the pinkeep section...this is perfect for the spring decorating ahead~

~standing lamb~ 
~for my love of Amish reproductions... see more of him in the animal section~

~Helen the huggable hare~

~need a rabbit for your spring decorating...
see more of her in the dolls section~

January 20, 2014

~wool heart and bird pinkeep..added to the pinkeep section~

~heart chatelaine...added to the pinkeep section...this was made from antique indigo fabricand comes with cute
scissors and a well worn thimble~

January 6, 2014
Yea....a new pattern has been created...
"Simply Mr. & Mrs. O'Hare Ornaments"...
The link is under the pattern tab...
January 3, 2014!!!

Happy New Year to all!
Sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date on all the happenings and new thing coming out of my now clean

December 31, 2013
Oh boy...the last post of 2013...
I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year!
I hope that 2014 will be better for you
than 2013. I have been truly blessed 
and look forward to seeing what
2014 has to bring.
Here is the crafty tip link that
was sent out in my last
pattern newsletter
if you don't get the newsletter...
there is a sign up link to your right.

Keep smiling,
December 14th, 2013
Teaser time...
Follow the adventures
of Miss Anne...
she will be on
Early Work Mercantile
for your
until then...

December 9th again :)

~it's not too late to order a few
ornaments for your tree or to 
give as gifts...12/15 will 
be the cut off date~
~Check them out on the
ornaments tab~

December 9, 2013

"Bud" the Snowguy
~just added to Patternmart~
~find him under the 
pattern tab~

November 21, 2013

~Pennsylvania German
folded paper star ornament...
set of 3...
see the Christmas section
for more info~

November 14, 2013

~how about some new
ornaments for your
tree this year...
~details under the 
Christmas tab...these
are made to order so
don't be late :)~

November 11, 2013
After creating one of my larger
puzzle balls for a special order...
I decided to add it to the site 
for special order by YOU too!
It is truly a puzzle...3 different
fabrics of 4 different colors...
blue, brown, tan and gold.
At the joining of 4 points there
is one of each color...that is every
joint! It was a brain buster!
Let me make one for you...
located in the needfuls tab.

October 23, 2013
Ok...I'm playing with the
computer instead of the sewing machine
this morning...sigh... but I added a link
to the side bar for my patterns on
Craftsy...check it out!

October 18.5 2013
Ok, silly me I'm half way through
my day :)
But the important info is that there
was an update to Primitive Handmades
Mercantile last evening and there
are still a few things remaining~
~this is just one of the photos...
there were 15 pinkeep total...
here is the link for you to enjoy!

October 18, 2013
I've added a new tab to the 
web site...It is called
"crafty tips".
When I send out my pattern
newsletter I am going to add a tip
that helps me...and hopefully
helps you. So if you don't get
my newsletter you can sign up with
the link to the right or you can
check out the tips from time to time.
Happy sewing :)

October 15, 2013
Today brings a new pattern...
~now available on Patternmart~

October 8, 2013
Back in stock...
my Silhouette Pinkeep boxes
(in the pinkeep section)
~red and taupe~
~cream and mustard~
~each box is 4" in diameter with
a pinkeep inside and 2 small
emery strawberries attached to 
her necklace...the center
buttons will be different because 
I have exhausted my supply,
but you will not be disappointed...
$20 each plus shipping~

October 7, 2013
It's about time for a new pattern...
how about an acorn!

September 15, 2013
Early Work Mercantile time...
~guess what day it is...
It's time to decorate with great
fall goods~
~these ladies didn't last long...
just the tall witch is remaining...
here is your link...
email me asap, sending out
my newsletter to all
my previous customers~

August 19, 2013
One month has come and gone...
gone....gone and so have all the
items I created for Early Work
Mercantile and Primitive Handmades
Mercantile. My brain has been 
working overtime so there will
be more to come shortly.

July 18, 2013 again...
sneak peek at the 
Primitive Handmades 
Mercantile update tonite...
~pie pumpkins~ 
~hoosier pumpkins~ 
~ohio pumpkins~

July 18, 2013
Early Work Mercantile updated
on the 15th...there are a 
few items left, such as...
~folksie santa in ticking~
~herb and alice snowfolk~ 
~folksie santa in quilt coat~
~and yes, it was Christmas
in July!
These have been added
to the Christmas tab for now...
shortly they will go to my
booth in the wonderful
antique store in Ohio...
Talmadge Road Mercantile!

June 21, 2013
Newsletter success! Thanks to my
friend Ronda I now have a newsletter!
Scary...lookin' kinda' professional
'round sign up
Woodland Primitives newsletter

June 20, 2013
Yikes...twice in one day!
Primitive Handmades
Mercantile update
~Sam and Betsy...
~happy shopping~

June 20, 2013
Early Work Mercantile 
updated on the 15th...
here is your link to my
new offerings...

~prairie girls~
~can be found under the
"dolls" section~

~robins and blue birds~

~some of my favorite birds...
order yours...they can be
found in the "animal" section~

May 29, 2013
~new pattern time~
"here kitty...kitty" was
uploaded to Patternmart...
see it here


May 15, 2013
It's Early Work Mercantile
time can get there
by the link on the side...
here is one of my offerings
for this month...
~yummy velvet...this
strawberry emery can also
be found in the "new" gotta' order one~

May 9, 2013
I am please to announce
that 2 of my "needfuls" have
been added to a wonderful
selling site Carole's Country Store. 
You need to visit this
 site to see the great
artisans and antiques...
find it here

April 19, 2013
2 days in a row...
guess I am glued to
the computer instead of the 
sewing machine...
but there are new goods
out there for you...
Primitive Handmades
Mercantile update is today..
here is a peek...
~miss angel kitty~
~here kitty, kitty~
~antique quilt mama cat
and kittens~

~here is the link~
April 18, 2013
Here are 2 new items
that were uploaded to 
Early Work Mercantile 
earlier this week...enjoy!

~sewing birds~

~early prim Amish
doll and her dolly~

April 9, 2013
My new favorite quote...
"Determine never to be idle...
it is wonderful how much may
be done if we are 
always doing."  
Thomas Jefferson

p.s. especially when the sun 
is shining!

March 22, 2013
YIKES!!! Where did my 
month go? I have been remiss 
in posting the newest creations
that were updated on the
2 great sites I sell on...
Early Work Mercantile

Primitive Handmades
I do have a set of pinkeeps
~see the pinkeep section 
for info on the pinkeep
on the left...sorry the bird
on the pantry box is 
spoken for~

February 26, 2013
YEA!!! Finally another pattern
was born...many more in
my head but this one was first.
Great for those spring craft shows.
These bunnies work up quickly
and you most likely have all
the needed items in your stash!
The link to patternmart is 
under the "pattern section"...

February 13, 2013
'bout time I get with it again!
Here are a few items just
added to the site...
they are one-of-a-kinds
so if you like them please 
email me...

~my heart is blue pinkeep~

~waste not...want not~

~angel pinkeeps~

~wool heart pinkeep~

~wool americana star pinkeep~

 ~located in the "pinkeeps"

January 15, 2013
It's 2013...where have I been?
Life is treating me well...I wanted
to share with you my new
"thank you" gift. If you have 
purchased from me in the past,
you know I love to package my
sold items like presents to 
you (and no my name isn't Martha)!
I would include one of my favorite
tea bags...which are my
afternoon treat. Since moving
to my new home, I have come
up with a new treat...
Every purchase will get one of
these cute needle felted acorns...
this one is made with wool 
in shades of browns and grays...
thinking spring will bring pastel
ones :)...these will be available
to purchase also if you'd like, 
just email me! 
Have a great day!

Sunday, November 25
I'd like to thank everyone for 
following my posts here...few that 
they may be...the moving company
will be here tomorrow to pack my 
life in boxes and take me to my 
new home. We are so very
blessed to have these great things
happen in our lives. I truly believe
that everything happens for a reason...
including this move. So, until next time
when hopefully my studio is put 
back together bigger and better 
than ever...peace.

Saturday, November 17
I never though I would stop sewing
so soon for the holidays...there is
never enough time! The moving date 
is fast approaching and I have lots 
to do...purging, organizing, more
cleaning. I do have some inventory
that I would be happy to send to you.
Please just email me...Hugs, Carol

Tuesday, October 30
Slashing prices on fall
items for you...check them out!
They are located in the "decor" section.
Do not hesitate, there are limited
supply of these items. I don't 
want to move them and wanted 
to offer some great prices!

Monday, October 29
I love this antique spool
bird pinkeep...there are needle
keeps under the wings. She is a one 
of a kind with the antique parts
attached. You'll find her under
the "pinkeep" tab...

 Alice's 1872 mending kit...
find it under the "needfuls" tab
seamstress' companion doll...
find her under the "pinkeeps" tab.

Sunday, October 7
I need 20 lashes with a
wet noodle for not updating
my site!  Life here is totally
upside the last month
my husband returned from
Afghanistan, was hired by a
company to work in eastern 
Pennsylvania, we've had a
huge moving sale, put our home
on the market, are in the 
process for purchasing a home
in rural Pennsylvania...
needless to say, my creating
has suffered greatly.
Hopefully, in between cleaning
out and house showings I will 
get back to my passion before
I totally miss the holidays!
If there is something special 
you'd like...let me know.
I am working on some
great special orders and stocking
my booth at Talmadge
Road Mercantile in Clayton, OH.

Sunday, September 2
I can't believe the summer
has flown by...before it is is a new pattern
for your fall shows!
The link is under the 
"pattern" tab.

Friday, August 31
Life is good here...very little
creating going see my
husband has returned from his
deployment. After some time off...
I will be back to work and more goodies!
Just smile for us!

Tuesday, August 21
Do you need a small tape measure 
to carry with you on those 
antiquing trips?  Here is a  wool
covered one that will work perfectly...
You will find these under the 
"Needfuls" tab...
posted on the Primitives
Handmades Mercantile site
for this month...but
you can read all about it 
in the "New" section.
~Wool Pumpkin Mat~

Friday, August 3
Is it fall yet?
It is in my is a peek
this is hootie & mic...
find the listing under the new page...
there you will also find all the other 
great new
mice...mice and more mice...

Sunday, July 22
Well, the tape measures on Primitive
Handmades Mercantile are come
and gone...I had only 3 made due to 
my knee fix...I will be looking for a 
few more tape measures so I can have
them in my inventory...Other than
that, the knee is good, at least I made it
to the studio:)

Tuesday, July 10
I have been inspired...thank goodness :)
Working on new things for Early Work 
Mercantile for the 15th update and 
Primitive Handmades Mercantile for the
update on July 20...My wool has been
calling me so look for items made
from yummy wool, prairie dolls and 
a NEW pinkeep inspired by my
good friend Ali Strebel...until then :)


Sunday, July 1
Man is it hot!!! But after the crazy storms
that have gone through I am grateful
to have power. I have spent the day
creating a new pattern for my latest
pineapple pinkeep on the painted 
See the pattern tab for the link...

Friday, June 29
I am going to change things up a bit...
I am going to combine a selling blog
and an info blog. I do not have time for 
both and you don't have time to follow both :)

So...I will be updating you with 
Woodland Primitive items and hopefully
a lot more new and great prims...

If there is anything you'd like to see, just
email me, I would greatly appreciate it.

~williamsburg decorating~

~find this in the "decor" tab~

~silhouette pinkeep boxes~

~in four colors...with a pinkeep
and 2 emery strawberries~

~find this in the "pinkeep" tab~

~welcome pineapple pinkeep~
~the third in my collection of
pinkeeps on the painted 
candlestick...see "pinkeep" 
section for more info...
pattern available too~


~take a peek at the tabs to the 
left...I am always updating items...
if you see something you'd like...
I'm just an email away~